Competitons XC :
Swedish Nationals 92/93/95/96/97
Nordic Championships 92/93/94/95/96
European Championships 94/96
World Championships 93
World Cup 95/96/97

Competitions acro :


  Name : Pernilla Hammar Rognøy  
  Contact :

  From :

Åre, Sweden

  Paragliding since :

Took a course in 1990 in Åre Sweden

  Sertificate :

Parpro5, instructor, tandem

  Personal : Braught up by a swiss Hangglider pilot, I did'nt have much choice :-) When paragliding came along in my hometown, my step dad quickly sent me of the mountain in one of them and I've loved it ever since! Throughout the years I've met so many wonderful people through this sport, both in the air and on the ground, landing way off where you would never put your foot if you were not paragliding. I love it! For many years flying was all I did. Then Uni came and stole a lot of time... Now I try to fly more again, to regain the joy. I will not go on big distance comps again, so I focus on playing with the glider :-) And judge other people, as an official judge, when they do nice tricks in international and national comps as an off :-)
  This season : Well, I gave birth to our daughter Vera in may, so the flying has pretty much been put aside... My stupid back will not let me play yet! But I have received the status of International Judge, so I have been on all the big acro comps in Europe this summer :-) and on the National Cup in Norway - working.