Competitons XC :
Nordic 2002
Europeans 2002

Competitions acro :
Vertigo-Voss, 2003
Redbull-Vertigo, 2003
Acrolac, 2003
Vertigo-Voss, 2004


  Name :
Pål Hammar Rognøy
  Contact :

  From :


  Paragliding since :

Took a course in 1997 in Stavanger

  Sertificate :

Parpro5, instructor, SIV-instructor, tandem

  Personal : I started flying because I wanted some adrenalin kicks. The first day on the coarse the instructor told us that if any of us was in this for adrenalin, then we should find another sport. Paragliding was not about adrenalin, but the beaty of being in the air, free and flying, using mother nature to do something positiv.
I almost stood up and walked away.
Luckyli I didn't.
After a while I found that paragliding was the perfect sport for me, even without the adrenalin. But I must admit that after competing cross-country for some years, I  found it a bit boring.
Then I discovered acro-paragliding, and was hooked.
  This season : This season I want to participate on all of the WC acro comps. This will hopefully give me a better ranking then last year.
First up was Vertigo-Voss in Norway. Then we went to Åre in Sweden showing off at Åre Äventyrsfestival.